July 12, 2016



The island complex of Dodecanese in south-eastern Aegean is the sunniest corner in Greece. Sailing charter holidays begin in early April and go on until November. The main harbors to begin your blue cruise charters are Rhodes and Kos, which are the larger and more cosmopolitan islands in Dodecanese awaiting to offer you strong, and treasured memories. If you are desperately seeking to discover unspoiled destinations you can visit Leros, Patmos or Pserimos. The whole region, feature the authentic Greek charming warm atmosphere, sandy beaches, beautiful white-washed Greek houses, excellent climate, and endless scenery of the Eastern Mediterranean. Visitors will also enjoy beautiful architectural influences from the Venetians and much by the Knights of St. John from the middle ages. The region of Dodecanese is a sailor’s paradise of more than 87 islands and islets filled with a wide assortment of stunning beaches and bays.

The “Meltemi” is a strong wind that begins to blow from a North-West direction in June, reaching its peak during July till early September. The usual force of the North winds is 4-6 in Beaufort scale and may on occasion reach force 7 or more rarely 8. The weather in the Dodecanese is some of the hottest and driest in Greece. Early and late season expect temperatures in the mid-20s, while during the peak months of July and August it heats up to the mid-30s.

The choices for a yacht charter in the Dodecanese is generally split into two – the islands above Kos and those below, which include Rhodes. Above Kos, the islands which notably include Kalymnos, Pserimos, Lipsi and Patmos are generally laid out north to south, the same as the prevailing wind. This should be noted, particularly if the winds are blowing strongly as they tend to do so during mid and peak season. The islands between Kos and Rhodes, which include Nisyros, Tilos, Chalki and the wonderful Symi are more lateral to the wind, which makes for easier sailing.

We can easily plan a personalised route for you in order to see these magnificent treasures or you can check our suggested routes below.

North Dodecanese

Port Destination Distance
Kos Kalymnos 15 nm
Kalymnos Leros 16 nm
Leros Lipsi 14 nm
Lipsi Patmos 17 nm
Patmos Levitha 23 nm
Levitha Kos 37 nm



South Dodecanese

Port Destination Distance
Kos Nisiros 20 nm
Nisiros Tilos 15 nm
Tilos Chalki 12 nm
Chalki Rhodes 30 nm
Rhodes Simi 20 nm
Simi Kos 35 nm