For complete independence and to satisfy your adventurous spirit, chartering a yacht, either independently or with the help of an expert skipper, allows you to travel where you want, whenever you want. Plan your holiday at your own pace, explore various destinations in one journey, without having to worry about transfers, checking-in or indeed[…]

Yacht Management

  Yacht management is the supply of support and advice to owners and their captains which ensures that the yacht is being maintained, operated and administered to the highest possible standards. Owners are then free to enjoy their time on board, safe in the knowledge that every last detail is being taken care of.  […]

Yacht Sales

  Yacht ownership is the freedom to go onboard whenever and wherever you want. Contact us for further informations on (+30) 2242 302324 or send us an email at

Technical Support

  Our service team aims to provide a comprehensive range of services to maximise the Owner’s enjoyment of their yacht. Contact our exclusive service team. Call us now for more details on (+30) 2242 302324 or send us an email at